Yiting Han

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PhD candidate, University of Arizona
Email: [email protected]

Ludic keywords: digital games, role play, game ecology.
Language keywords: identity, motivation, digital literacy, multilingualism, translanguaging.
Pedagogy keywords: learner-centered, learner autonomy, gameful teaching and learning

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Yiting is a PhD candidate at the University of Arizona, with a focus on Second Language Acquisition and Teaching. Her primary research interests are technology-enhanced language learning and teaching, language learning beyond the classroom, and gameful learning. As a language educator, she has taught Chinese, English, and Spanish. She enjoys exploring and designing gameful activities in the classroom.

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📰 Publications

Han, Y. (2019). Exploring multimedia, mobile learning, and place-based learning in linguacultural education. Language Learning and Technology, 23(3), 29–38.

Han, Y. (2019). Chinese L2 users as active social agents: Sentence final particles variation and identities. Applied Pragmatics, 1(1), 46–67.