Jonathan is an associate professor in the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Shizuoka. He has been researching and teaching language and literacy with games for 20 years.

“Choose” Jonathan’s adventure:
Page 10. If he gets an NES and a Commodore 64 in the same year and starts making computer games, turn to Page 13. If he begs his mother to pass on her amazing tole painting skills and to help him hone his drafting skills, turn to Page 14.
<you turn to Page 13>
Page 13. If teaching immigrants English in college leads to a TEFL Certificate, then an MA TESOL, and then a PhD in Ed Tech, turn to Page 31. If he goes to Tokyo with his band to play dancey noisy shoegaze in live houses, turn to Page 23.
<you turn to Page 31>
Page 31. If he burns the candle at both ends running too many game projects with students, turn to Page 41. If he burns himself out directing an empty babble EFL curriculum, turn to Page 36.
<you turn to Page 41>
Page 41. If he explores the boundaries of teaching language and literacy with and around games, turn to his “ongoing pet project” ….

Choose a character class for Jonathan:
Forager | collector | devourer | magpie | deep diver |
Games: Molleindustria, Terrorbull Games, Avery Adler, Role Playing Public Radio, 200 Word RPGs,
Pedagogy: experiential learning, strategic interactions, model United Nations, project-based learning, pedagogy of multiliteracies/learning by design, media literacy

Draw: clouds

If he were trapped on a deserted island and he could have only one thing, what would he want?
His snorkelling gear.

Name that tune:

Your word is: Jonathan
You can’t say: LEGO, D&D Monster Manual, Acquisitions Incorporated, collecting rocks from rivers, podcasts, NHL video games, My Bloody Valentine, biotech, Japanese newspapers for children, rowing

4 truths and 1 lie about Jonathan:
1. Loves orange juice. It doesn’t taste vile at all. Nor is it bad for his arthritis.
2. Has been both published and rejected by Foreign Language Annals, Language Learning and Technology, and Digital Culture and Education.
3. Immediately backstabbed his co-editor in their very first game of Diplomacy together.
4. Has been hugged by Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion.
5. Is playing “The Game of Life” (hasn’t lost yet!) with a super-smart wife and two geeky kids. Nearby spaces on the board include “nutrition hack,” “read or play Mouse Guard or My Little Pony in the bunk beds,” “start a new Minecraft survival game,” “make miniatures terrain out of cardboard,” and “play ‘can’t touch my face!’ or ‘one step one swing’ in the tatami room.”

Tell me your favorite joke.
Q: What’s brown and sticky?
A: A stick.

Cheat Code
— -. . / .–. — — / .. … / -… . – – . .-. / – …. .- -. / -. — -. .

James is a lecturer at Tokyo Denki University where he conducts research on the pedagogical application of games for language learning. His current main focus is a curriculum development project using tabletop games as the centrepiece of a task-based language teaching and multiliteracies approach to second language acquisition. James is co-editor of Ludic Language Pedagogy, an open access, open peer-reviewed journal exploring games and play, language and literacies, and teaching. James’s previous projects include the development and management of an online Japanese learning community which utilized Minecraft as the domain for interactive, experiential learning activities.

But what does James do in his free time??

I am an 8-bit / chiptuine musician as Cheapshot.

I run a chiptune record label known as CheapBeats.

I also organise Japan’s largest chiptune event: Square Sounds Tokyo.

I made all the art for this site using a program called Petmate which is available for windows and mac.

PETSCII is the character set used on Commodore’s series of computers: C16, C64, C116, C128[1], CBM-II, Plus/4, and VIC-20. It’s a mixture of pixel art and text art. A really fascinating way to create images. For more info, please check Wikipedia!

Play taiko with my family

You can learn more about our small taiko group over on our homepage (Japanese only I’m afraid).