Review with us

We are always looking for more teachers and researchers who share the goals of the journal and community. Our reviewers are not gate-keepers, but rather supportive collaborators. Reviewing journal articles for us, since it is an open and collaborative process, is a great way to meet and work with other teachers and researchers in the field. It is a way to make sure that more of the LLP research and teaching you would like to see published is encouraged and created and shared.

If you would like to have an active voice in shaping the future of Ludic Language Pedagogy as a reviewer, contact the editors. In your inquiry, please do the following:


  1. Introduce yourself (name, position/affiliation),
  2. Explain why you would like to review for us,
  3. Provide information on the type of submissions you are interested in (the game interests, language interests, and pedagogical interests you have) so we can match reviewers with the appropriate authors and submissions.
  4. Provide a link to, or attach your CV.