Submission process

LLP uses an open, collaborative peer-review process (OPR). We prefer documents that fit into one of the topics and categories that we have outlined (Research article or Walkthrough) but we will consider other ideas (please contact the editors before submitting something else). The information here will help you submit something to us.

First steps

Before going through the process of editing your manuscript for submission with LLP, we recommend getting in touch with us informally to check suitablility first. We believe this will save both you and us time in the submission process. Send us an email of your abstract or manuscript in any form (see the footer for our address).

  1. Select your submission type (Article or Walkthrough). Review the explanations for each of the document types and select the format that best fits what you want to share.
  2. Open and make a copy of our Google Document submission template. All of our peer review work happens on Google Docs. If you need help creating or working with Google Docs, please contact the editors (email).
  3. Format your submission in the copied Google Document. Be sure to complete the Author Submission Information Page. Formatting information is included on the template.
  4. Once you have finished formatting, generate a sharable link, making sure that “anyone with the link can edit” is selected.
  5. Fill out the submission form.

Create your manuscript

We accept manuscripts written using our Google Docs template and style guide only.

Submit your manuscript

Please follow this link to submit your manuscript

Open Peer Review Process

We practice open, not blind, peer review. This process reinforces our intent to create and strengthen connections between teachers and researchers. Editors and reviewers work with and support submitting authors on a private version of the manuscript, to prepare the submission for publication as soon as possible. In summary, we want the submission and review process to be simple, collaborative and supportive.

Review process: Step-by-step

LLP’s review process is designed to be constructive and supportive. The peer reviewers will work with you (on your Google Doc) to help make your submission ready for publication in LLP. There is a simple table at the bottom of the submission that authors, reviewers and editors can use to indicate (and communicate about) their completion of the various stages. For more information on Reviewer Guidelines, follow this link.

Other information

All LLP publications are open-access and licensed to the public under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0). Authors maintain copyright of their original work. Please credit the original appearance on LLP if you republish somewhere else. LLP publishes materials as they become ready.

Once your manuscript has been accepted for publication, we would like you to…

  1. Share your research or teaching materials in our Compendium for other researchers and teachers to use or adapt for their own contexts. The decision to share materials will be yours. Anything you choose to submit will be shared with a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC 4.0 license (or another license of your choosing)
  2. “Pay it forward” by joining LLP as a reviewer.
  3. Join the editors (and possibly reviewers) on the LLP Podcast to discuss your research in an informal, “behind the scenes” chat.